This product is suitable for wading activities such as snorkeling, recreational diving and indoor diving teaching and the maximum applicable depth is less than 10 meters underwater; When used as an underwater emergency rescue or backup air supply for professional diving equipment, the maximum applicable depth is within 30 meters underwater. In this case, it can only be used as an emergency air supply.


For more installation and maintenance videos, you can click here Use Tutorial to learn more, or enter our YouTube:SMACOSCUBA

AssemblyWhen receiving the product, please check any possible missing parts.

Remove the screw protection sleeve at the bottom of the cylinder valve and

check the thread connection. After careful check, please tighten the cylinder

valve and have it inflated for use.


1.Please check any possible air leakage when inflating. In case of any leakage, stop the inflation immediately; the gas fifilled is compressed air (it’s strictly forbidden to fifill in pure oxygen or other gases harmful to human body). When the air pressure in the cylinder reaches 3000psi /200bar/20Mpa, stop the inflation immediately to avoid any accidents;

2.Common Inflation Methods: electric pump inflation, manual pump inflation and adapter inflation. When the aforesaid tools are used, please ensure that the pressure can reach 3000psi/200bar/20Mpa, otherwise the cylinder will not be fully fifilled. When electric pump/manual pump is used for inflation, oil-water separator shall be equipped;

3.The compressed air fifilled shall meet the requirements of human breathing to ensure the air is pure and harmless to human body. If the pure compressed air suitable for human body is not fifilled as required, the fifilter system or channel in the cylinder valve may be blocked to cause malfunction.

Pressure ReleasePress the release valve on the top of the cylinder valve to release the pressure.

If air leakage occurs after air fifilling, release the pressure in this way and check

the malfunction.

How to Use

Before use, please check any possible air leakage or water seeping into breathing  cavity of the cylinder valve. In case of air leakage, stop using it immediately.  In case of water seepage, please drain the water before use. The specifific operation is shown as follows:

1.Keep all the mouthpiece in mouth, bite the silicon part with teeth and shut the mouth tightly. Press the silicone cap on the top of cylinder valve to discharge the water in the breathing cavity by the released air, and then have normal breathing with the mouth;

2.Use only after safety hazards have been eliminated. When in use, you can breathe normally by biting the mouthpiece completely;

3.Check whether there are foreign objects (such as sand, etc.) in the breathing cavity. If any, please clean up in time before use.


Q1.Air leakage at the connection between pressure gauge and cylinder valve / Air

leakage at the connection between 8mm inflation plug and cylinder valve?

Answer: Use a wrench to tighten the pressure gauge and the

inflation plug to eliminate the malfunction.

Q2.Air leakage at the connection between the cylinder valve and the cylinder?

Answer: Take out the gasket and other accessories at the bottom of the cylinder valve in order, rearrange them properly and reinstall back in order. The valve should be aligned with the screw of cylinder and tightened to eliminate the malfunction.

Q3.Air leakage at the port of inflation plug?

Answer: Remove the inflation plug, take off the O-shaped rubber

ring at the bottom and clean/replace with clean water, wipe off the

water and reinstall back to the original place. Make it tightened to

eliminate the malfunction.


Storage Conditions:

·It should be stored in the place with ambient temperature of 5° C~30° C and relative humidity of 40%~70%;

·It should not be placed within one meter from the heat source and in the direct sunlight;

·The warehouse where scuba is stored should not have oils, acids, alkalis and other gaseous substances that can damage rubber material.

Transportation Conditions:

SMACO scuba tank is small in size and light in weight, so it’s very convenient to carry. Violent shocks and vibrations during transportation should be avoided. It should be kept clean without contacting with oils, acids, alkalis and other substances that damage rubber and fabrics.

Deposite Conditions

The product should be disposed if the following cases occur:

The product itself is damaged, that is, it meets the disposal requirement and cannot be used any more; for example, the cylinder case is broken, the screw of cylinder valve is damaged or deformed, the cylinder valve or cylinder is deformed; Only two years of service life. When the product reaches the expiration date, it meets the disposal requirement so it’s strictly forbidden to use it any more.


1.This product is suitable for waters within 10 meters deep;

2.When used as underwater emergency rescue, the maximum depth can reach 30 meters. At this moment, it can only be used as an emergency backup air supply;

3.Before use, you’re strongly recommended to participate in and obtain the scuba diving technical training and related certifificates by valid authentication institution. It is dangerous for those who have not been authenticated by professional institution to use this product and serious injury or death may occur;

4.This product is suitable for waters above 10 degrees Celsius with the approval by the managers of the waters; please carefully observe the surrounding environment before use to ensure that the waters are safe without any dangers; beware of collisions with passing ships;

5.Please inflate the product before use and check any possible damages or air leakage. Do not use when it’s damaged, leaking or has other signs of malfunction;

6.The maximum pressure of this product is 20MPa and it can only be fifilled with compressed air in accordance with the requirements of human breathing. Filling other undesirable gases may cause the internal fifiltering device and channels to be blocked;

7.Please store the product in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight, do not store it in the car trunk or the place of high temperature, it is forbidden to throw this product into fifire;

8.It belongs to high-precision product, please do not disassemble the product without authorization. Non-professionals may cause damages to the product;

9.Do not use this product in the water alone, more than two companions should be needed;

10.In the case of danger, this product cannot provide personal safety protection, it can only provide a proper amount of compressed air to the human body as a source of breathing air;

11.After use, make sure to clean the product with clean water and dry it before storage;

12.When the pressure gauge shows less than 2MPa, please ascend to the water surface immediately and then use it after inflation;

13.Please practice in shallow water when use this product for the fifirst time;

14.It is strictly forbidden to use this product after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, otherwise it will cause serious consequences;

15.It is strictly forbidden for children under 14 years old and seniors over 60 years old to use this product. Juveniles over 14 years old should use it under adult supervision; pregnant women, patients and other people who are not suitable for diving/swimming are prohibited to use this product.

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