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Achieve a win-win situation with your customers by joining Affiliate Program! is a one-stop online shop providing 0.5L/0.7L/1L/2L scuba diving tanks priced from $149 to $469 and electric pump air compressor, high-pressure air compressor priced from $529 to $559, shipping worldwide. Earn at least 6% commission on all referred sales just by referring customers to

smaco scuba tank affiliate program

Affiliate programs: ShareAsale Affiliate program (6% commision) ,which all provide you at least 6% commission with 30 days cookie duration.It is 100% free to join.


6% commision on each referred sale.
when there is new activity and promotions.
30-day cookie duration.
There is no need to own a big website or a fancy Youtube channel. It’s enough to register with the required information, and we will get back to you within 3-5 days.
Click the link below to join us to earn at least 6% commision (

Affiliate Program:

smaco affiliate program earn commission

For more information about our Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact

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